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Halloween notecards for the poor and busy.

As a college student, I’m notoriously poor and busy. I’m juggling two jobs, classes, and tons of extracurriculars. But, I still wanted to show a few people that I care and wish them a happy Halloween. Enter these notecards.

A few of the cards I made, surrounded by my crazy desk.

I had a little bit of time to kill yesterday (because I skipped class…) so I decided to make some cards. They were very basic. I used some index cards, markers, and some stickers I had bought over the weekend.

Foam stickers, from Target

If I had more time and resources, I would have loved to make some with awesome paper craft-y stuff. But, seriously. I’m giving these to college kids in their PO boxes. It’s already going above and beyond what they expect.

I looked up some ideas for what to write on Google and found these two pages which proved to be pretty handy:

Halloween Jokes

Halloween Sayings

I really enjoyed making them, even if I did end up with marker all over my hands. Here’s some close-ups of a few of them.

My attempt at creepy writing...


My friends happen to love corny jokes. Thank God.

So remember, being poor and busy is no excuse for not dropping a note to your friends, especially on special days like Halloween!


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